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Heisman.... Gerhart by the fans???? Really???

A lot of players are deserving but a lot are every year. No disrespect to Stanford fans or Gerhart here's my opinion on each:
1. Toby Gerhart, Stanford , 446 points (37 first-place votes)- Hard to deny skill. He is beast. 6'1" and 237 pounds. No offense USC but most people like to see you fail and he shredded a defense that lost to much the year before. But a runningback that only catches 10 passes all year needs more for the heisman. At least 40 catches with his impressive rushing stats would help. A loss to WF, no offense, hurts as well. On top of that playing at Stanford might hurt him and it's unfortunate but yall know it. But if he played anywhere else yall would never have voted for him. A perfect record would help him greatly.

2. Colt McCoy, Texas , 398 (32)- Obviously accurate QB. A proven winner- see record. 6'3" 210 pounds and possible can't miss pro. Even though he may be that kind of prospect it doesn't matter in college. Played great over the last 5 games with only 1 pick. Really only shredded 5 teams this year passing and one team rushing.... way to pad the stats at the end. Was pathetic vs OU in what could have been "the trophy is mine this year game" in what was supposed to be an offensive explosion game... no Bradford and you barely win? Not a great strength of schedule (41?) and really don't like the Big 12 defenses- see Bradford last year... just sick. Shipley hurts him as well like Percy being on the Gators last year hurt Tebow. Must have a ridculous game against Nebraska to win it.

3. Mark Ingram, Alabama , 194 (4)- Hard to argue with a perfect record. Big strong back at 215 pounds while only 5'10". Over 200 carries for 1,400 yards and 12 td's rushing. 28 catches for three td's but hasn't caught a td pass in 8 games and was just punched in the face by Auburn. Must have a ridiculous game against the #1 defense in the University of Florida. If he can anyways because Auburn hurt him. 14th best schedule helps him.

4. Tim Tebow, Florida, 170 (7)- Proven winner. Proven leader. Doing more with less recievers this year. Great size,6'3" and245 pounds, and arm strength. Highest QB rating in the countryat 172.4... impressive for someone with questions about him even being a quarterback. Strong conference with 10 of 12 teams bowl eligible. Very accurate, around 66% unless I'm mistaken. Has had at least three touchdowns dropped. Over thirty td's with only four picks. No picks in the last 5 games, better then McCoy. Perfect record and on way to possible 3 National Championships on his resume. Has the 20th best strength of schedule, second only to Ingram on this list (SEC ball- sorry). Just to good to pass up on.

5. Case Keenum, Houston , 128 (7)- Good size at 210 pounds and 6'2". Possible future Ryan Leaf in my opinion... future NFL bust. Put up some great #'s this year but can anyone except a Houston or Conference USA not make fun of their teams? It's like being the smartest rock. Only four winng teams in the whole conf!!! A weak conference at that. Just not the level of comp you need in a Heisman winner. Faulk had video game stats at San Diego and didn't win it. To go to NY would be an accomplishment.

6. Kellen Moore, Boise State , 119 (4)- Not great height or weight but height isn't a requirement for greatness... ask Drew Brees. Hard to argue with a perfect record and all Boise has done year in and year out is beat good teams. 157.1 QB rating with only 3 picks. Boise deserves to play in a better conference and that hurts him. Hard to hate on him winning it though.

7. Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska , 113 (13)- Big strong guy. A beast on the field with impressive stats. I compare him to Warren Sapp. Helped lead them to the Big 12 Championship that helps give the Big 12 defenses some respect. Texas ruined them in 1996 and helped the Gators win Spurrier's only National Championship so maybe the roles get reversed this year.... maybe but doubt it. Kinda disrespectful cbssports doesn't have much on the guy. Would be a winner if was used like the Fridge Perry was used by the Bears and they had a perfect record. Give this guy some goal line carries and let 300 pounds blob it in. A DT won't win the award though.

8. C.J. Spiller, Clemson , 90 (8)- Impressive home run threat. His team is in the ACC Championship game. Kinda of a do-it-all back with a pro future but that won't win it for him. A dark horse in the race for the Heisman and it's hard to not like the guy. He won't win though and even some Clemson fans know it. To bad they aren't perfect on the year.

9. Golden Tate, Notre Dame , 22 (1)- Great player on a real bad team. Might be a great pro but that doesn't matter in college. I compare him to another great college wideout in The Rocket Ismail but just not as good. Won't win.

10. Dan LeFevour, Central Michigan , 13- Central Michigan???? See Houston. Like being the smartest rock. He will not win.

In the end I think Tebow, McCoy, Suh or Keenum or Ingram or Moore (pick any two), and Gerhart will go to NY. Gerhart gets respect. Suh or Keenum get some honorable mention votes but in reality this is Tebow's and McCoy's. The surprise win would be Gerhart or Ingram. The Conference winner with the best inspiring game wins it this year. I still believe Tebow wins and this year goes as a career accomplishment rather then what it should be. I'll go with the Champion with 2 rings over a guy with more wins. Both are impressive as people and players. Tebow in a close one.

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